Keyword Tools For PPC Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization

What I am going to provide in this article is a brief explanation of why using a research keyword tool is important for you and your marketing strategies. You may find that one of these tools is all you need. Others may find that they need a series of tools to really find the keywords they need.

This article features a complete list of the leading and most effective keyword suggestion and analysis tools that I and several other thousands of internet marketers use, to get the most profitable low-bid keywords that are worth a gold mine.

Why Do I Need a Keyword Suggestion Tool ?

On the internet, every keyword is a market to itself, keyword are where you sales start. All of us use search engines and suitable keywords to find the exact information we need. How would the search engines know what we are looking for if publishers would not highly optimize their content ?

Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Using the right keywords, any internet marketer can have his ads appearing in the sponsored links results when a potential customer is searching for products related to his business.

Basically everything is pretty simple. Customers search for their desired keywords in order to find the exact products they need, using short or long tail keywords. That is exactly what you are looking for. Once the keywords are entered the search engine listing and the sponsored links pop-up, that is the place where you want to be listed in order to get highly targeted customers to your site.

Instead of paying huge amounts of money on PPC campaigns you can start optimizing your site with the most suitable and valuable keyword phrases. This is where the keyword suggestion tools come in. I have spend over 6 months using the free suggestions tools and nearly gave up, until I found two suggestions tools that are worth millions. They make all your work easier, spy on the competition, give you the most effective and profitable keyword suggestions. ‘Spying on the competition’ means you can duplicate the same success that other thousands of marketers have using the exact same keywords.

How to use a Keyword Suggestion Tool ?

1. Search volume. This shows you how many people are searching a specific keyword phrase, is it a highly searched keyword? The higher the number the greater the competition.

2. Competition. This part tells you how many other marketers are competing for the exact same keyword. Usually if the number is higher that means there are higher bids in the PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns.

3. Estimated cost per click (CPC – Average Bids) Keyword suggestion tools are great for several reasons but this one is one my favorite. If you have spent hours and hours researching low-bid keywords, then you don`t really have to worry anymore. Keyword suggestion tools give you an estimated cost per click amount for each and every keyword result you get. You`ll either see cents or they can be estimated in dollars for the high competitive keywords.

4. Keyword variations. The tool, based on an initial keyword root typed in, would generate short or long keyword phrases that are variations,extensions, synonyms or plurals. Keyword trends are always changing that is why using a keyword suggestion tool is always a must. The keyword variation factor is something that is important for improving your PPC campaigns or the organic search traffic. Real brainstorming.

Recommended Tools

Micro Niche Keyword Finder

Micro Niche Keyword Finder is a keyword research and keyword analysis tool that competes with the top ones on the market. It helps you find relevant keyword phrases for your niche market business or being an affiliate. To be more exact profitable gold mine long tail keywords with low competition are what we are all looking for.

Wordtracker Keyword Tool

Leading keyword analysis and keyword suggestion software. Wordtracker has proved to be the most effective either you are optimizing your site or running PPC Campaigns. Thousand of affiliate marketers are using it.

SEO Elite

I personally use this one, for all my sites. SEO Elite is in the ‘Elite Series’ developed by top marketer Brad Callen. Brad has also developed Keyword Elite another leading seo optimization software. If you are just starting in the SEO field or developing websites and you plan on ranking a couple of websites for a long term then I would recommend this product.

Keyword Suggestion Tools are a webmasters weapons to succeed, without them no-one could ever reach such high ranking positions nor successful PPC campaigns.